Fourth and Goal (Seattle Lumberjacks)

Fourth and Goal (Seattle Lumberjacks) - Jami Davenport There's a chill in the air around here recently that reminds me of fall... and football. It may be July but it sure feels like September so it was only fitting in a way that I've been caught up in the Seattle Lumberjacks Series by Jami Davenport as well.Fourth and Goal is the first book in the Seattle Lumberjacks Series by Jami Davenport and it kicks off the series in a big way. There's romance, suspense, a little mystery and a heartbreaking secondary story that pulls all of the characters together. Our hero is Derek, a former Rose Bowl Champ and Olympian who at 27 is facing the fact that his once promising football career may already be over. The heroine is Rachel, Derek's former best friend who's life is now in shambles following her father's scandal over points shaving.Derek and Rachel are both likable characters who have taken hard knocks in their lives. They were best friends up until one weekend of intimacy sent them in opposite directions and are thrown together when Derek needs a caretaker for his ranch and Rachel needs a job (any job!). I loved that Derek was just the right amount of alpha male and nice guy. Rachel would be the best girlfriend- she is super knowledgeable about football and a well known clumsy gene. Each is brings out the best in each other but are too afraid to go all in.I loved Fourth and Goal not just for the football elements (which were spot on) and the wonderful secondary story of Ryan that brought all of our characters together. The relationship between Derek and Rachel was on fire and just the right amount of steamy. Jami Davenport does a wonderful job of bringing out the best in her characters and putting you right in the action on the field. Fourth and Goal is just the beginning of the Seattle Lumberjacks and I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest of the team.