Turn and Burn (Blacktop Cowboys Series)

Turn and Burn - Lorelei James I've been a fan of Lorelei James' Rough Riders Series for a long time and had high expectations when I began her Blacktop Cowboys Series. I have a soft spot for all things McKay and I'm pretty happy to say the wranglers of Muddy Gap are making their own spot as well.Turn and Burn is the fifth book in the Blacktop Cowboy Series and starts up two years after One Night Rodeo (#4). At the beginning of the book I was a little surprised at how Tanna was doing. We've met Tanna in previous books and she's the ultimate Texas Cowgirl. She's a Rodeo Queen World Champion Barrel Racer who's about as headstrong as they come. I'm not sure who's tougher; Tanna or a Bronc Bull. But Tanna's been had her share of downs lately in her personal and professional life and is taking a break at home. And that's when we meet our hero August Fletcher. On her way home Tanna just happens to cross our hero and they engage in the one-night-stand. Of course as luck would have it the man she thinks she left behind (to never see again, of course) is none other than the local large animal vet. Fletch, as he like to be called, is a stand up, no commitment guy who thinks that women can't handle his commitment to his profession. Now he's the one wanting a commitment from Tanna while she's the one putting the brakes on anything long term- after all, she's planning on leaving town when summer ends. Tanna and Fletch are so freakishly perfect for each other that at times you want to bonk her on the head with it. Her hesitation is understandable but watching Fletch work with her on her panic attacks and recovery both sweet and stubborn. The banter and playfulness had me laughing out loud at times and wishing for my own animal doc. And there's absolutely all the steam and heat that you expect from a Lorelei James book. Tanna and Fletch have their steamy moments but they are well balanced but the characters emotions. I've said before the best thing about reading a series is that you get to see the characters from past books and find out how they are doing. Like Rough Riders, the Blacktop Cowboys Series has spanned several years now and we get to see how some of our past favorites are doing and meet new the new guys that we'll see in the future.Turn and Burn is a wonderful addition to the Blacktop Cowboys and is classic Lorelei James. Both Tanna and Fletch have scars from their past but healing together is better than apart. And like all Lorelei James books, Turn and Burn can be read on it's own but knowing some of the past characters and their stories makes you appreciate all the more.