Tempting Bella - Diana Quincy What I LikedBella may have been headstrong and somewhat independent but I liked that her age and naivety still showed at times. She was used to being on her own and took steps to make sure that she was not walking into a world she knew nothing about but at the same time she still had moments where she acted out in rebellion. Her attempts to dig at Sebastian through her wardrobe were very reminiscent of teenagers today; somethings never change. I also liked her loyalty to her friends. Bella didn't have to know everything about them, just that they were kind. Of course that came back to bite her a little but it was nice to see she valued how they were rather than who they were.What I LovedTypically in historical romances it's the hero that has to win me over, but I loved Sebastian from the very beginning. Sebastian made a few missteps when he and Bella came together again but I felt all of his decisions were with her best interests in heart even from the beginning of their marriage. He tried to be as honest with her as he could even when he had to explain as to why he was ducking out in the middle of the night. What I Didn't LikeI'm not too fond of the miscommunication or even assuming as a way to keep a couple apart but I know it can be done right, sometimes. Bella thought Sebastian let her go abroad so she would be out of his hair but he wanted her to have the freedom he felt she was denied because she was forced to marry so young. Things that were one step forward two steps back at times in a way. Diana Quincy does a wonderful job at bringing the ton to life. The Accidental Peers Series is full of engaging characters overall and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.