Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn I am going to pretend that I'm not 30 years-old so that I can swoon over the sweetness that is Cameron Hamilton. I was absolutely charmed by him. When he and Avery first meet you get the impression that he's college heart-breaker; quick to make you fall and even quicker to move on. It was kind of ironic to me that that was my first impression because as you get farther into Wait For You, you realize that waiting and patience is the theme of the book.The story is told from Avery's point of view and we see into the world of a nineteen year-old girl who moves half way across the country to get away from her past and the people that have made her life hell for the past five years. Five years ago something happened to Avery that changed her whole world and isolated her from her friends and family. J Lynn gives us a slow build up into Avery's past where we are pretty sure what happened but are left wondering just much Avery suffered. The buildup of Avery and Cam's relationship so slow and somewhat of a one step forward-two steps back. After literally running into each other Cam begins his quest to have Avery go on a date with him. Even though he gets a big fat NO it doesn't deter him. Instead of hounding, he tries to win Avery over with cookies, breakfast and just being her friend- all the things that she missed out on in high school. We get to fall for Cam right along with Avery and it's ever so sweet. Wait For You is a sweet story of a young girl who wants to live her life in spite of her past and a boy who has a past of his own and wants to be the person that helps that young girl live again. J Lynn writes characters that you can't help but pull into your heart and Cam and Avery are no exception. I also loved their cast of friends and look forward to reading their stories in the future.