Tangled - Emma Chase I just don't even have the words to describe how much I loved this book. The storyline isn't new- player/bad boy meets girl who won't take his shit and he falls in love, but Emma Chase takes the whole concept and turns it on it's ear.Drew Evans' is a egotistical, chauvinistic and some what self-centered man. He likes woman but only once. And he's full of wisdom like this... Let me repeat that in case you missed it: ALL GUYS TALK TO THEIR FRIENDS ABOUT SEX. If a guy tells you he doesn’t? Dump him, because he’s lying to you. And then there's Katherine Brooks. Drew's kryptonite. She's smart, ambitious and not about to fall at Drew's feet. Then I flip Kate the finger. Immature, I know, but apparently we’re now both functioning at the preschool level, so I’m guessing it’s okay. Kate sneers at me. Then she mouths, You wish. Well—she’s got me there, now doesn’t she? What's so amazing? I love how it's told from Drew's point of view. The narrative is just like he's telling you what happened to him over drinks at your favorite bar. I've read books before from the male's side but never like this. Drew is honest about what he is and makes no apologies. He's crass, arrogant, sometimes disgusting and always humorous.The book opens in the middle of the story and progress' in flashbacks until we are caught up to that point and then finishes out to the ending. I'm not typically a huge fan of this but it works for this story. You don't have to wonder if Drew has changed but are left wanting to know what happened to cause his "flu". Drew and Kate's goes through many changes throughout the book but she never let him get the best of her and he never gave up on her.The supporting characters are outstanding in their own ways. We meet both Drew and Kate's best friends as well as Drew's family. I don't think there's a cuter 4 year-old than Drew's niece, Mackenzie. “She talks like you. It’s not every day you hear a four-year-old say Prince Charming is a douchebag who’s only holding Cinderella back. That's my girl."Once Drew realized he was in love with Kate it was game on. When a player falls, he falls hard. Tangled is a wonderful lighthearted, funny story in an original point of view that kept me laughing the whole way through. I am in awe that this was Emma Chase's debut and I'm looking forward to her future books.