The Seduction of Elliot McBride - Jennifer Ashley What I loved...I absolutely loved the utter devotion that Elliot had for Juliana. That devotion is what pushed him through the darkest parts of his captivity and helped him hold onto what sanity he had left. Although they had a unusual engagement and hadn't really seen each other for years, they didn't let time become tension between them. Elliot and Juliana committed themselves to their marriage and created a truly unbreakable bond. And it wasn't just their emotional bond that was forming- the physical chemistry between Elliot and Juliana was off the charts. There was no timid virgin here, Juliana was just as active in their love life as Elliot and I'll never look at whiskey the same way again. The number one thing that stands out for me though is that no matter how much of the world thinks that Elliot is mad, Juliana never does and she never makes him feel that way either. What I liked...Juliana and Elliot are a wonderful couple with flesh out personalities but the personality that stole the book was Elliot's distant uncle McGregor who he also bought the run down castle from. He blew holes in ceilings with shotguns and bellowed up and down halls. Even Elliot's manservant and his family from India were a wonderful addition to the story. The relationship between Elliot and Mahindar was very deep and well written. Even the Scottish characters introduced in Elliot and Juliana's new home add heart and humor to a wonderful story. What I didn't like...Can I say nothing? All I can say is that I would have liked to see more of the Mackenizes than what we did. It really was a wonderful story and I was so engrossed in it that I finished it within a day. Favorite Quote..."I would have said that Juliana was my lass, had always been mine. That I wasn't stepping aside for anyone."-Elliot, on what reason he had to stop Juliana's original wedding.