Frontline - Alexandra Richland Heart-stopping. Fast paced. Can't turn the page fast enough. Hold my breath suspense. All of these describe Frontline by Alexandra Richland.Sara Peters is a just-starting-out ER Nurse working her way through another long shift when billionaire Trenton Merrick wanders into her Emergency Room with with a slight head injury and turns he world upside down.Who is Trenton Merrick? That's what Sara wants to know. He's handsome, charming and down right dangerous but she's sees something in he that has her agreeing to a date the next night. From that moment on Sara and Trenton are back and forth in trying to understand the other and keep their heads above water.Frontline had me from the get-go. Everything about Trenton was fishy to Sara but she couldn't deny her attraction to him so she agreed to a dinner date. Sara's not naive or a pushover, but everything about her and Trenton was a back and forth struggle and she's quickly in over her head and heart. I really liked how Sara wasn't bowled over by who Trenton was and "celebrity status". Sometimes she didn't make the best decisions in regards to him but she never tried to shift the blame or make excuses for those decisions. She owned up to it and tried not to do it again.Trenton was all over the place for me. He wasn't used to someone not falling at his feet and he made one mistake after another with Sara. Trenton was definitely an Alpha Male but crossed the line of protective to creepy (hello? traced phone calls) a lot in the beginning and blew poor Sara's mind. When he was sweet he was a toothache but when he was bossy, he gave Umbridge a run for her money. But it worked for me. He tells Sara he's used to "thinking outside of the box" in his professional life and that doesn't stop at his personal either. Perhaps because Trenton is a billionaire his mistakes seem more glaring than your Average Joe but his heart is in the right place.All of the romantic missteps between Sara and Trenton never prepared me for Frontline's conclusion. Once Alexandra Richland hits the gas it's full speed until the end. I found myself holding my breath through the very end and couldn't turn the page fast enough. Sara and Trenton's lives are more intertwined than they ever knew and Sara finds she must trust Trenton with more than her heart.Sara and Trenton are intriguing and are surrounded by wonderful secondary characters. Trenton's bodyguards and lifelong friends Sean and Chris bring humor to some of the heavy scenes and Sara's friends Kelly and Denim have her back and keep her grounded. I'd love to see more of their stories in the future as well.I've been a fan of Alexandra Richland's previous writing but I was completely blown away by Frontline. She brings a wonderful mix of characters into her stories and weaves a tale of mystery and suspense. The characters dialogue is laugh out loud at times and Sara's inner thoughts made me smile as well. Frontline is for anyone who loves a story between two strong characters with danger and intrigue and great friends on the side.