Geoducks Are for Lovers - Daisy Prescott Have you ever read a book that just made you happy? That reading just made you smile? Geoducks Are For Lovers is a romance book thru-and-thru. I admit I had high expectations when I started because of all of the good things I had already heard about Daisy Prescott's writing. Sometimes I set myself up for disappointment and I am so happy to say that instead of being let down, I was blown away. Maggie and Gil were best friends in college but life, misunderstandings and distance caused them to drift apart. They haven't kept in touch and try to pump mutual friends for information on the other. With their 20 year college reunion coming up soon, the whole gang of friends gathers at Maggie's cabin where Maggie and Gil meet for the time in years. Instantly Maggie is transported back to those feelings of butterflies, word vomit and awkwardness that suddenly develop when you are confronted by a cute boy. Except in this case, Gil is not a boy and Maggie is not a teenager.Geoducks Are For Lovers is a romance of two people who have been through several ups and downs in life have the walls and insecurities that come with it. Maggie is somewhat of an introvert who has shut herself in after her mother's passing and Gil is sweet, charming and embodies every stereotype of a hot professor. Seeing them come together after so long and open up to each other, even if it was just over a weekend, made me smile as I was reading.I was wrapped up in how Daisy Prescott writes as though she is telling you a story. I can almost imagine sitting around a bonfire like the characters and listening to someone reminisce about the time the weekend where Maggie and Gil finally got together. The words just flow together and the dialogue makes me feel like I just dropped into their conversations. Geoducks Are For Lovers is a wonderful debut by Daisy Prescott and is a tale of those that love a real romance between two characters who finally get it right.