Treachery in Death - J.D. Robb Treachery In Death is the 32nd installment of the In Death Series by JD Robb. The book opens to Eve telling Peabody to work on her self defense after taking a ringer in the head during a collar. Instead of working out in the new-everyone-is-there gym, she heads down to the no-one-can-stare-at-me-while-I-sweat training area. That decision sets up the rest of the book as two dirty cops bring their arguement into the locker room where Peabody is now hiding in the shower. After the coast is clear she and McNab hightail it over to Eve's to spill what she heard. And there's not much that Eve likes less than dirty cops. There are several vents through out the book of Eve's heavy dislike for crooked cops. It doesn't really take anything away but you get the feeling like you aren't surposed to forget how much Dallas hates dirty cops. Peabody hears enough to set them on who to look for and unfortunately it's the former commander known as "Saint Oberman's" daughter, Renee.The case brings together the usual crew but we see a lot of face time with IAB Detective Webster and Commander Whitney as well. Webster rubs Eve the wrong way several times and the arguing brings up several things from the past from time to time but by the end they come to an almost friendly agreement. Of course that maybe because Webster has set his romantic sights set on someone else that's not Eve. The case the team builds against Renee (Eve refers to her by her first name so not to mix Renee up with former commander Oberman in her head) and her lackeys is through and reflects as much what good cops can do in their jobs. The scenes with Renee and Eve are something to look forward to. The joy that Eve feels in getting under Renee's skin and her fellow dirty cops is highly entertaining. The only bad thing about the whole book is there's not as much Roarke as in past books. Her still assists a little in the beginning (before it can be ab actual case) and in several parts of the e-work and survelliance work, but that's it. He and Eve have a few small arguements over what's admissable/what's not and he gets to shake his head at how she still seems to think there maybe some things he can't break into. Some of the best lines of the book are Roarke's too. My favorite Roarke and Eve moment is a quiet one. They take a moment to wander the grounds when they arrive home and, well if a man like Roarke looked at me the why he looks at Eve, I'd have the same reaction as Eve too.The ending comes together very nicely and showcases what solid cop work is. Each takedown brings the team one step closer the the ultimate takedown- Renee. Overall it was a solid "In Death" book with the spotlight on good teamwork and the pursuit of the bad guy even though he was one of you.