Beautiful Chances (The Beautiful Series #1) - Alicia Rae I've always wondered if there was ever a good kind of "possessive" in a relationship. Most of the time I think it's code for jealous jerk but I have new feelings on possessiveness thanks to Alicia Rae. Lily is a girl who has experienced a devastating family tragedy and has fled to Florida to pretty much hide out. She's not interested in forming any more attachments in life and just wants to focus on her work. Coincidence (or fate) brings Lily and Kyle together for the At the beginning of Beautiful Chances you could literally feel Lily's pain and grief over the accident. The flashbacks were haunting and just as real to you as they were to Lily. Seeing Lily and Kyle's relationship grow as she learned to work through her past made me smile for Lily. At first I wondered if perhaps Kyle was too perfect and the "possessiveness" that I worried about would be another hurdle for them to overcome. Alicia Rae brings to life a man who reminds me of the gentleman of the past; Lily is his love and Kyle wants to take care of her. He wants to support her and loves her all in the same breath. There is just the right amount of love, life, sadness and suspense woven though out the story. The only thing had me in a huff was that I didn't know at first that there was a second book coming out soon as the story ends on a slight cliffhanger. But it definitely has me looking forward to more of Lily and Kyle.