Where Are the Dinos? - Julia Dweck Reviewed by my 6 year-old and myself...What G thought...What was the book about?The book was about a doggy who wanted to know about dinosaurs and he asked a lot of questions. He asked questions about everything. It drove the teacher crazy.What was your favorite part?My favorite part was when the teacher got mad because he was asking all the questions. And I like when the dinosaurs when to the beach too. I want to go to the beach when it gets warmer out and it's summer.What was your least favorite part?I didn't have a least favorite part. It was all pretty funny. Do I have to have a unfavorite?And now...What Mom thought...Don't all little boys (or little dogs) have seemingly limitless questions about dinosaurs? How big were they? What do they eat? Where do they sleep? The story of Where Are the Dinos? takes all these questions and runs with them. It's no secret that I am a big fan of rhyming words in books (hello Dr. Seuss) and really I enjoyed the flow and cadence of the story. Each question flowed seamlessly with the next and I loved how each was formed so it was easy to change your voice through each one. My boys laughed every time we read “What do dinos find in shops? Polka-dot tricera-tops?”. The illustrations compliment the story and are very colorful. Each page is chocked full of things to look at but not overwhelmingly so. Each time we read though the book we found something new to look at and laugh about. The book is recommended for 4+ and even my little guy at 3 years-old enjoyed it. There were several of my 6 year-old's sight words within in the story and he was able to pick them out easily. Overall each of us enjoyed reading "Where are the Dinos?" and it was requested several more times to be read at bedtime in the past few weeks.