Eat, Play, Lust (Entangled Flirts)

Eat Play Lust - Tawna Fenske In theory a gourmet chef and yoga instructor with body issues does not sound like a winning match. But Eat Play Lust brings two opposite individuals together and show them how to bring the best out in each other.Cami Pressman is a yoga instructor with hidden body issues. After escaping her extremist health nut mother for college she gained the Freshman Fifteen...twice. Not wanting to feel her mother's disappointment again she makes healthy living her life and lively hood but hides her addiction the one "unhealthy" food she can't give up- tater tots.Paul Hammond is a newly transplanted gourmet chef who really loves his work. But having a brother who is a doctor means he has to listen horror stories of just how much loving his work can affect his health. After one particular lecture about how much "dysfunction" eating his work can cause Paul ends up in Cami's yoga class. Paul and Cami had wonderful chemistry together and reading their awkward/hilarious reactions to each other had me laughing out loud. Tawna Fenske writes dialogue so true to life that I felt like I was in the room watching the characters banter back and forth. And I had an actual swoony moment at Paul for his actions after he discovers Cami's weakness.Novellas to me can be hit or miss because of their length by Tawna Fenske packs a perfect amount of humor, sweet romance and steamy moments into Eat, Play, Lust. It's just right for anyone looking for a short, sweet read that will make you laugh and sigh over one sweet chef.