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How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates: HarperImpulse Contemporary Romance

How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates - Jane  Linfoot Every man needs a sister to tell when it's time to settle down. At least that's what Ed's sister thinks. All the women he's been with in the past are more interested in his money than him according to her. To prove her and his best friend wrong Ed bets them that he can have 10 dates with a woman and not fall for her. Enter Millie. She's determined to stand on her own two feet and prove she doesn't need help from her family or cheating ex. The country is her sanctuary and where she runs into Ed after an incident with her horse. I enjoyed the debut from Jane Linfoot. I've always loved English characters and being set in England as well won me over. It was a quick turn from cold to hot from Ed and Millie but the way it's wrote is believable and honest. The obstacles weren't invented from left field and even though they tried to hold on to a silly bet and promises made in the past, they worked together to overcome it all.
Beautiful Chances (The Beautiful Series #1) - Alicia Rae I've always wondered if there was ever a good kind of "possessive" in a relationship. Most of the time I think it's code for jealous jerk but I have new feelings on possessiveness thanks to Alicia Rae. Lily is a girl who has experienced a devastating family tragedy and has fled to Florida to pretty much hide out. She's not interested in forming any more attachments in life and just wants to focus on her work. Coincidence (or fate) brings Lily and Kyle together for the At the beginning of Beautiful Chances you could literally feel Lily's pain and grief over the accident. The flashbacks were haunting and just as real to you as they were to Lily. Seeing Lily and Kyle's relationship grow as she learned to work through her past made me smile for Lily. At first I wondered if perhaps Kyle was too perfect and the "possessiveness" that I worried about would be another hurdle for them to overcome. Alicia Rae brings to life a man who reminds me of the gentleman of the past; Lily is his love and Kyle wants to take care of her. He wants to support her and loves her all in the same breath. There is just the right amount of love, life, sadness and suspense woven though out the story. The only thing had me in a huff was that I didn't know at first that there was a second book coming out soon as the story ends on a slight cliffhanger. But it definitely has me looking forward to more of Lily and Kyle.
Tempting Bella - Diana Quincy What I LikedBella may have been headstrong and somewhat independent but I liked that her age and naivety still showed at times. She was used to being on her own and took steps to make sure that she was not walking into a world she knew nothing about but at the same time she still had moments where she acted out in rebellion. Her attempts to dig at Sebastian through her wardrobe were very reminiscent of teenagers today; somethings never change. I also liked her loyalty to her friends. Bella didn't have to know everything about them, just that they were kind. Of course that came back to bite her a little but it was nice to see she valued how they were rather than who they were.What I LovedTypically in historical romances it's the hero that has to win me over, but I loved Sebastian from the very beginning. Sebastian made a few missteps when he and Bella came together again but I felt all of his decisions were with her best interests in heart even from the beginning of their marriage. He tried to be as honest with her as he could even when he had to explain as to why he was ducking out in the middle of the night. What I Didn't LikeI'm not too fond of the miscommunication or even assuming as a way to keep a couple apart but I know it can be done right, sometimes. Bella thought Sebastian let her go abroad so she would be out of his hair but he wanted her to have the freedom he felt she was denied because she was forced to marry so young. Things that were one step forward two steps back at times in a way. Diana Quincy does a wonderful job at bringing the ton to life. The Accidental Peers Series is full of engaging characters overall and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
Tempted in the Tropics - Tracy March I don't know who was sweeter- Paige or her Sweet Bee's Bakery? Being the follow up to The Practice Proposal, I wasn't sure what to expect from Tempted In The Tropics when I began but I was oh so happily surprised. Paige Ellerbee runs Sweet Bee's Bakery in sleepy Maple Creek. It's a struggling business but she keeps it going with her favorite customers and making "magic" recipes for the elderly townsfolk based on their health needs. That is until her customers' trusted physician Dr. Hartley goes on a once in a lifetime vacation and has his nephew fill in for him while he's abroad. Enter Dr. Lane Anderson who should have his picture in the dictionary under the word uptight. He has his reasons though; his previous practice partner's (and fiancee) actions caused him to be under scrutiny for the foreseeable future and he doesn't want any part of the business between Paige and his uncle. Paige and Lane manage to avoid each other until they find out that will both be apart of a dream wedding in the tropics and that maybe a little vacation fling is what they both need. Tempted In The Tropics is a sweet and heartwarming story. I was just what I needed after coming off my previous read. Tracy March has a wonderful writing style that is equal parts humorous and realistic. I also love the bits of current pop culture that were thrown in throughout the story. The chemistry between Paige and Lane was apparent right from the start. They were quite the opposites but complimented each other in those ways. The ending was a large mix of sad and happy tears all in one and perhaps the best Valentines Ball Maple Creek had ever seen. Tempted In The Tropics is a short, happy read that left me while a smile on my face. Tracy March brought the little town of Maple Creek to life with a fantastic blend of characters.

Fix You

Fix You - Beck Anderson Finding love after a great loss is always hard, let alone finding with an A-List Celebrity. Kelly Reynolds is just trying to survive and get back to living after the loss of her husband to cancer when she literally runs into Andy. Only Andy is not only "Andy", he is Andrew Pettigrew. She's seen his face on countless magazine covers and is the total opposite of what she thinks is his type. I felt a click with Kelly right away. I haven't experience the loss that she has but I feel like I could be her. I have a chaotic house, bad hair days and I never feel caught up. And don't get me started on social situations. Andrew is what I want every heartthrob to be like; unaffected by his celebrity and genuinely nice. Both of them have more in common than they realize at first and it's how they cope with their pasts that affects their future together.Fix You is a wonderful story from Beck Anderson. I'll never be on a red carpet and have paparazzi chase after me. I'll also most likely never ever go to Boise but through the author's storytelling and descriptions it was like watching a movie in my head. I felt Kelly's awkwardness right along with her and would have probably more insecurities than her about dating a celebrity. There was a great amount of sadness and grief felt throughout the book but the overall message of living and loving after loss had me smiling and tearing up at the same time.
Wait for You  -  Jennifer L. Armentrout, J. Lynn I am going to pretend that I'm not 30 years-old so that I can swoon over the sweetness that is Cameron Hamilton. I was absolutely charmed by him. When he and Avery first meet you get the impression that he's college heart-breaker; quick to make you fall and even quicker to move on. It was kind of ironic to me that that was my first impression because as you get farther into Wait For You, you realize that waiting and patience is the theme of the book.The story is told from Avery's point of view and we see into the world of a nineteen year-old girl who moves half way across the country to get away from her past and the people that have made her life hell for the past five years. Five years ago something happened to Avery that changed her whole world and isolated her from her friends and family. J Lynn gives us a slow build up into Avery's past where we are pretty sure what happened but are left wondering just much Avery suffered. The buildup of Avery and Cam's relationship so slow and somewhat of a one step forward-two steps back. After literally running into each other Cam begins his quest to have Avery go on a date with him. Even though he gets a big fat NO it doesn't deter him. Instead of hounding, he tries to win Avery over with cookies, breakfast and just being her friend- all the things that she missed out on in high school. We get to fall for Cam right along with Avery and it's ever so sweet. Wait For You is a sweet story of a young girl who wants to live her life in spite of her past and a boy who has a past of his own and wants to be the person that helps that young girl live again. J Lynn writes characters that you can't help but pull into your heart and Cam and Avery are no exception. I also loved their cast of friends and look forward to reading their stories in the future.
Playing Chase (Against The Wall, #4) - Julie Prestsater My hat is off to Julie Prestsater. Not only did she take a take a huge douche like Chase and make him the poster boy for all douches but then she turns us around and explains why he acts the way he does. And in an absolutely believable way no less. Chase Marino has left a trail of broken hearts and angry women in his wake and they are out for revenge. Together they create an online dating profile and set Chase up with some of the scariest women possible. The old Chase would have laughed went on his way but the new Chase, the one who is beginning to realize that perhaps his past behaviors will leave him a bitter, lonely old man like his father, decides to use the dates as penance. And then karma bites him in the butt by giving him Tiffany Guitterez, a super formal, overly note-taking student teacher that is not only beautiful, but one person who sees past all of his attitude to the person underneath. I absolutely enjoyed reading this Chase. The interaction between him and Tiffany was sweet, yet professional. Even though Chase was "teaching" her, you feel as though perhaps it's the other way around- Chase is the one learning from Tiffany. I think Tiffany is my favorite character of the whole series. For being the youngest I think she showed the most maturity in every situation from meeting Chase's father to being "schooled" by the "We hate Chase" fanclub. And I loved how she would say, "Let me tell you a story" before sharing her opinion. I so want to steal that.Playing Chase is a satisfying end to the Against The Wall Series and great choice for those who like seeing a not-so-nice guy redeemed.
Take Me - Diane Alberts I have a habit of judging a book by its cover. I'm not so judgey that I won't read a book based on the cover but sometimes I make my choice on what to read next based on the cover. When I first saw the cover for Take Me by Diane Alberts my impressions were of a darker hero and the heroine being more hard than soft. I knew from previous books that Mike was kind of a douche and not into commitment- at all. Mike is content to keep his single man status and explains his "traffic light" system to his friends at his future brother-in-law's bachelor party. By the way, his "traffic light" system is something I'd really like to see a guy explain to me someday too just to see if I could keep a straight face. It's at said bachelor party where he meets Morgan and promptly mistakes her for a stripper. Morgan is a professional Vegas dancer (not that kind) and is looking for that role that will take her to the top. She has no time for a man that will brag to his friends about dating a dancer only to whine about it once the novelty wears off. She maybe the only person in Vegas more against marriage than Mike. Of course the more you are against something the quicker you find your way into it. I mentioned earlier that I was expecting a story that was more dark and twisty and characters that were perhaps a little hardened., Mike and Morgan are one of the best married/I don't want to be married couples ever. I've read the "waking up in Vegas married" before but I loved the twists and feelings that Diane Alberts put on it. Mike and Morgan bickered like they had been married for years and I laughed out loud several times at their antics. Take Me is funny, yet sweet and the perfect ending to the Take A Chance Series.

Eat, Play, Lust (Entangled Flirts)

Eat Play Lust - Tawna Fenske In theory a gourmet chef and yoga instructor with body issues does not sound like a winning match. But Eat Play Lust brings two opposite individuals together and show them how to bring the best out in each other.Cami Pressman is a yoga instructor with hidden body issues. After escaping her extremist health nut mother for college she gained the Freshman Fifteen...twice. Not wanting to feel her mother's disappointment again she makes healthy living her life and lively hood but hides her addiction the one "unhealthy" food she can't give up- tater tots.Paul Hammond is a newly transplanted gourmet chef who really loves his work. But having a brother who is a doctor means he has to listen horror stories of just how much loving his work can affect his health. After one particular lecture about how much "dysfunction" eating his work can cause Paul ends up in Cami's yoga class. Paul and Cami had wonderful chemistry together and reading their awkward/hilarious reactions to each other had me laughing out loud. Tawna Fenske writes dialogue so true to life that I felt like I was in the room watching the characters banter back and forth. And I had an actual swoony moment at Paul for his actions after he discovers Cami's weakness.Novellas to me can be hit or miss because of their length by Tawna Fenske packs a perfect amount of humor, sweet romance and steamy moments into Eat, Play, Lust. It's just right for anyone looking for a short, sweet read that will make you laugh and sigh over one sweet chef.
Ivy Entwined (A Somehing to Celebrate Novel) - Laura Simcox Ivy Entwined reminds me of a Hallmark movie. The small town of Celebration, NY reminds me of Stars Hollow and who didn't want to live in Stars Hollow? Ivy Callahan is returns to her hometown after her father suffers a heart attack and wins the special election to replace him as mayor of Celebration. She now has to help rebuild a town that has been crippled by the economy and it's biggest employer shutting down. Enter Marcus Weaver. He lit out of town as soon as possible and is now back to fulfill the promise he made to himself when he was younger to build his own MegaMart. He's determined to overcome trailer park/alcoholic mother upbring and prove he's successful. Ivy and Marcus work together and at the same time against each other to get what they want. She's determined to revitalize the downtown area and bring Celebration back to its glory all while dodging the advances of her former ex-fiancee, who just happens to be the town planner. Marcus presents her a way to fund her project if she backs his MegaMart, which Ivy knows will suck the life out of the downtown she wants to rebuild. What I likedThe conflict between Marcus and Ivy wasn't one that's usually seen. Both of their ideas would bring jobs and money to an area that needed it but their motives were at odds and were willing to go around the other to succeed. The dialog between the characters made me laugh out loud at times. Dialog can make or break a book for me and I liked every bit of the characters interaction. There were several instances where I've heard Ivy's words come out of my mouth and it brings me right into the story. What I lovedThe chemistry between Marcus and Ivy was intense. Working together in close quarters brought back Ivy's teenage crush on Marcus back to life. But Ivy wasn't the shy girl anymore; she is now Marcus' equal and then some. She felt the flutters and the heat but didn't let it compromise her decisions as Mayor. I also loved the secondary cast of characters. From the hilarious town council to Ivy's self-proclaimed queen of gossip Gramma, each person brought something special to the story and many reminded me of people I knew in real life. What I didn't likeAlthough I understood his purpose, at times I wanted to strangle Preston. Ivy had her reasons for hiring her ex-fiancee as the town planner but he was inept as they come. I loved the way Ivy stood up to Marcus and didn't let his charm sway her but at the same time she put up with way too much of Preston's intrusions. Preston reminded me of a toddler who thinks that if he annoys his parents enough that they will give him what he wants just to shut him up. Don't call me anymore tonight means just that- don't call me!Ivy Entwined is a sweet story with several twists and surprises that will keep you turning the pages. It's a great blend of humor and suspense that shows great promise for the author.
Hydraulic Level Five - Sarah Latchaw When I first sat down to write this review I wasn't sure on where to start. Most of the time when I have this problem it's because while I liked the book, it didn't evoke powerful feelings in me. You know, nice but forgettable. Yeah... not this time. Hydraulic Level Five isn't something that I am going to forget. I'm in the midst of a serious book hangover friends.Hydraulic Level Five is the story of Kaye and Samuel, ex-spouses who are brought together again for his sister's, her best friend, wedding. Despite brief run-ins, Kaye has managed to avoid Samuel for the last seven years and she's thrown for a loop when she finds out Samuel will be in town earlier than she expected- and that he'll have his publicist/maybe girlfriend with him. Now I don't have an ex-husband but I've had a few ex-boyfriends that I've avoided like the plague. None of them were the love of my life like Kaye and Samuel were to each other and I still couldn't stand to see them so I'm amazed at the strength Kaye has to not only see Samuel (and the girlfriend), but to interact with him and in the church that they were married in no less. While Samuel is in town Kaye decides that it's time for him to give her some answers about why he left her to "find himself" and why he never came back once she assumes he did. I've read a few good books this year but none of them have given me a book hangover like Hydraulic Level Five did. The angst is full throttle throughout the whole book and Sarah Latchaw pulls you into Kaye and Samuel's individual pain and heartache as if was your own. I literally cried along with Kaye in parts and felt her anger in others. I did feel for Samuel's past tragedies and how they changed him but at the same time I also wanted to smack him upside the head and tell him, "see what thinking for others gets you!" Maybe it's just a man thing but I felt that he was okay with what he did to Kaye as long he thought she was happy now. However immature or just plain crazy their choices were they felt real to me. Neither Samuel or Kaye were perfect by any means but they didn't sweep the past under the rug to pretend that everything was ok. While the hurt fuels the first part of the book, the second half brings in feeling of hope that maybe Samuel and Kaye rebuild the friendship that began when they were children.Hydraulic Level Five is completely in Kaye's point of view but we are treated to some insight into Samuel's thoughts by the way Sarah Latchaw weaves in flashbacks and parts of his books in each chapter. There are also small notes between him and Caroline the publicist throughout that give us more insight to their relationship as well. The "secondary" characters play just as big part of the story as Samuel and Kaye do. Their friends and families feelings are very strongly felt and shows that Samuel and Kaye weren't the only ones affected by their breakup. While some loose ends are closed, there is no nicely wrapped ending and I'm thrilled that there will be a second book. Samuel and Kaye's story is far from over and I'm eagerly looking forward to see if they can ever work their way back to each other. It's an amazing debut for Sarah Latchaw and Hydraulic Level Five is a wonderful, heartbreaking story of second chances in life. I expect many wonderful stories from her in the future.
All of You - Christina  Lee It's been hit or miss for me lately on Swoony boys but Bennett, Bennett is an absolute hit. Typically the hero is always a good guy or at least one underneath a so-called attitude but recently I've noticed a trend of just plain good guys and Bennett should be their President. All of You is completely from Avery's prospective and even through she's had more than her share of hard knocks, she hasn't let life get her down. Sure she's incredibly closed off from any type of relationship and feelings but even with her cynical point of view, Avery can see Bennett is one of the good guys. And that's why she should stay away from him. That becomes harder than she thinks when he moves into her apartment building right after they meet. Watching their friendship form was the best part of the story for me. Both Bennett and Avery's pasts' were more alike than they wanted to admit, especially to each other. Avery let her past define her relationships with boys- they were allowed in her pants but not her heart, while Bennett's things swung in the completely opposite direction- he may not have been a saint but he was definitely a virgin. All of You is an outstanding debut from Christina Lee. Every bit of Bennett and Avery's story had me hanging on each page turn wondering if they would be able to overcome their obstacles. Even the secondary cast of friends and family brought something to the story and stood out on their own. It's an absolute must read for anyone who wants a New Adult story that takes old stereotypes and twists them on their ear.
Geoducks Are for Lovers - Daisy Prescott Have you ever read a book that just made you happy? That reading just made you smile? Geoducks Are For Lovers is a romance book thru-and-thru. I admit I had high expectations when I started because of all of the good things I had already heard about Daisy Prescott's writing. Sometimes I set myself up for disappointment and I am so happy to say that instead of being let down, I was blown away. Maggie and Gil were best friends in college but life, misunderstandings and distance caused them to drift apart. They haven't kept in touch and try to pump mutual friends for information on the other. With their 20 year college reunion coming up soon, the whole gang of friends gathers at Maggie's cabin where Maggie and Gil meet for the time in years. Instantly Maggie is transported back to those feelings of butterflies, word vomit and awkwardness that suddenly develop when you are confronted by a cute boy. Except in this case, Gil is not a boy and Maggie is not a teenager.Geoducks Are For Lovers is a romance of two people who have been through several ups and downs in life have the walls and insecurities that come with it. Maggie is somewhat of an introvert who has shut herself in after her mother's passing and Gil is sweet, charming and embodies every stereotype of a hot professor. Seeing them come together after so long and open up to each other, even if it was just over a weekend, made me smile as I was reading.I was wrapped up in how Daisy Prescott writes as though she is telling you a story. I can almost imagine sitting around a bonfire like the characters and listening to someone reminisce about the time the weekend where Maggie and Gil finally got together. The words just flow together and the dialogue makes me feel like I just dropped into their conversations. Geoducks Are For Lovers is a wonderful debut by Daisy Prescott and is a tale of those that love a real romance between two characters who finally get it right.
Frontline - Alexandra Richland Heart-stopping. Fast paced. Can't turn the page fast enough. Hold my breath suspense. All of these describe Frontline by Alexandra Richland.Sara Peters is a just-starting-out ER Nurse working her way through another long shift when billionaire Trenton Merrick wanders into her Emergency Room with with a slight head injury and turns he world upside down.Who is Trenton Merrick? That's what Sara wants to know. He's handsome, charming and down right dangerous but she's sees something in he that has her agreeing to a date the next night. From that moment on Sara and Trenton are back and forth in trying to understand the other and keep their heads above water.Frontline had me from the get-go. Everything about Trenton was fishy to Sara but she couldn't deny her attraction to him so she agreed to a dinner date. Sara's not naive or a pushover, but everything about her and Trenton was a back and forth struggle and she's quickly in over her head and heart. I really liked how Sara wasn't bowled over by who Trenton was and "celebrity status". Sometimes she didn't make the best decisions in regards to him but she never tried to shift the blame or make excuses for those decisions. She owned up to it and tried not to do it again.Trenton was all over the place for me. He wasn't used to someone not falling at his feet and he made one mistake after another with Sara. Trenton was definitely an Alpha Male but crossed the line of protective to creepy (hello? traced phone calls) a lot in the beginning and blew poor Sara's mind. When he was sweet he was a toothache but when he was bossy, he gave Umbridge a run for her money. But it worked for me. He tells Sara he's used to "thinking outside of the box" in his professional life and that doesn't stop at his personal either. Perhaps because Trenton is a billionaire his mistakes seem more glaring than your Average Joe but his heart is in the right place.All of the romantic missteps between Sara and Trenton never prepared me for Frontline's conclusion. Once Alexandra Richland hits the gas it's full speed until the end. I found myself holding my breath through the very end and couldn't turn the page fast enough. Sara and Trenton's lives are more intertwined than they ever knew and Sara finds she must trust Trenton with more than her heart.Sara and Trenton are intriguing and are surrounded by wonderful secondary characters. Trenton's bodyguards and lifelong friends Sean and Chris bring humor to some of the heavy scenes and Sara's friends Kelly and Denim have her back and keep her grounded. I'd love to see more of their stories in the future as well.I've been a fan of Alexandra Richland's previous writing but I was completely blown away by Frontline. She brings a wonderful mix of characters into her stories and weaves a tale of mystery and suspense. The characters dialogue is laugh out loud at times and Sara's inner thoughts made me smile as well. Frontline is for anyone who loves a story between two strong characters with danger and intrigue and great friends on the side.

Fourth and Goal (Seattle Lumberjacks)

Fourth and Goal (Seattle Lumberjacks) - Jami Davenport There's a chill in the air around here recently that reminds me of fall... and football. It may be July but it sure feels like September so it was only fitting in a way that I've been caught up in the Seattle Lumberjacks Series by Jami Davenport as well.Fourth and Goal is the first book in the Seattle Lumberjacks Series by Jami Davenport and it kicks off the series in a big way. There's romance, suspense, a little mystery and a heartbreaking secondary story that pulls all of the characters together. Our hero is Derek, a former Rose Bowl Champ and Olympian who at 27 is facing the fact that his once promising football career may already be over. The heroine is Rachel, Derek's former best friend who's life is now in shambles following her father's scandal over points shaving.Derek and Rachel are both likable characters who have taken hard knocks in their lives. They were best friends up until one weekend of intimacy sent them in opposite directions and are thrown together when Derek needs a caretaker for his ranch and Rachel needs a job (any job!). I loved that Derek was just the right amount of alpha male and nice guy. Rachel would be the best girlfriend- she is super knowledgeable about football and a well known clumsy gene. Each is brings out the best in each other but are too afraid to go all in.I loved Fourth and Goal not just for the football elements (which were spot on) and the wonderful secondary story of Ryan that brought all of our characters together. The relationship between Derek and Rachel was on fire and just the right amount of steamy. Jami Davenport does a wonderful job of bringing out the best in her characters and putting you right in the action on the field. Fourth and Goal is just the beginning of the Seattle Lumberjacks and I'm looking forward to catching up with the rest of the team.
Tangled - Emma Chase I just don't even have the words to describe how much I loved this book. The storyline isn't new- player/bad boy meets girl who won't take his shit and he falls in love, but Emma Chase takes the whole concept and turns it on it's ear.Drew Evans' is a egotistical, chauvinistic and some what self-centered man. He likes woman but only once. And he's full of wisdom like this... Let me repeat that in case you missed it: ALL GUYS TALK TO THEIR FRIENDS ABOUT SEX. If a guy tells you he doesn’t? Dump him, because he’s lying to you. And then there's Katherine Brooks. Drew's kryptonite. She's smart, ambitious and not about to fall at Drew's feet. Then I flip Kate the finger. Immature, I know, but apparently we’re now both functioning at the preschool level, so I’m guessing it’s okay. Kate sneers at me. Then she mouths, You wish. Well—she’s got me there, now doesn’t she? What's so amazing? I love how it's told from Drew's point of view. The narrative is just like he's telling you what happened to him over drinks at your favorite bar. I've read books before from the male's side but never like this. Drew is honest about what he is and makes no apologies. He's crass, arrogant, sometimes disgusting and always humorous.The book opens in the middle of the story and progress' in flashbacks until we are caught up to that point and then finishes out to the ending. I'm not typically a huge fan of this but it works for this story. You don't have to wonder if Drew has changed but are left wanting to know what happened to cause his "flu". Drew and Kate's goes through many changes throughout the book but she never let him get the best of her and he never gave up on her.The supporting characters are outstanding in their own ways. We meet both Drew and Kate's best friends as well as Drew's family. I don't think there's a cuter 4 year-old than Drew's niece, Mackenzie. “She talks like you. It’s not every day you hear a four-year-old say Prince Charming is a douchebag who’s only holding Cinderella back. That's my girl."Once Drew realized he was in love with Kate it was game on. When a player falls, he falls hard. Tangled is a wonderful lighthearted, funny story in an original point of view that kept me laughing the whole way through. I am in awe that this was Emma Chase's debut and I'm looking forward to her future books.

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