Fix You

Fix You - Beck Anderson Finding love after a great loss is always hard, let alone finding with an A-List Celebrity. Kelly Reynolds is just trying to survive and get back to living after the loss of her husband to cancer when she literally runs into Andy. Only Andy is not only "Andy", he is Andrew Pettigrew. She's seen his face on countless magazine covers and is the total opposite of what she thinks is his type. I felt a click with Kelly right away. I haven't experience the loss that she has but I feel like I could be her. I have a chaotic house, bad hair days and I never feel caught up. And don't get me started on social situations. Andrew is what I want every heartthrob to be like; unaffected by his celebrity and genuinely nice. Both of them have more in common than they realize at first and it's how they cope with their pasts that affects their future together.Fix You is a wonderful story from Beck Anderson. I'll never be on a red carpet and have paparazzi chase after me. I'll also most likely never ever go to Boise but through the author's storytelling and descriptions it was like watching a movie in my head. I felt Kelly's awkwardness right along with her and would have probably more insecurities than her about dating a celebrity. There was a great amount of sadness and grief felt throughout the book but the overall message of living and loving after loss had me smiling and tearing up at the same time.