All of You - Christina  Lee It's been hit or miss for me lately on Swoony boys but Bennett, Bennett is an absolute hit. Typically the hero is always a good guy or at least one underneath a so-called attitude but recently I've noticed a trend of just plain good guys and Bennett should be their President. All of You is completely from Avery's prospective and even through she's had more than her share of hard knocks, she hasn't let life get her down. Sure she's incredibly closed off from any type of relationship and feelings but even with her cynical point of view, Avery can see Bennett is one of the good guys. And that's why she should stay away from him. That becomes harder than she thinks when he moves into her apartment building right after they meet. Watching their friendship form was the best part of the story for me. Both Bennett and Avery's pasts' were more alike than they wanted to admit, especially to each other. Avery let her past define her relationships with boys- they were allowed in her pants but not her heart, while Bennett's things swung in the completely opposite direction- he may not have been a saint but he was definitely a virgin. All of You is an outstanding debut from Christina Lee. Every bit of Bennett and Avery's story had me hanging on each page turn wondering if they would be able to overcome their obstacles. Even the secondary cast of friends and family brought something to the story and stood out on their own. It's an absolute must read for anyone who wants a New Adult story that takes old stereotypes and twists them on their ear.