Take Me - Diane Alberts I have a habit of judging a book by its cover. I'm not so judgey that I won't read a book based on the cover but sometimes I make my choice on what to read next based on the cover. When I first saw the cover for Take Me by Diane Alberts my impressions were of a darker hero and the heroine being more hard than soft. I knew from previous books that Mike was kind of a douche and not into commitment- at all. Mike is content to keep his single man status and explains his "traffic light" system to his friends at his future brother-in-law's bachelor party. By the way, his "traffic light" system is something I'd really like to see a guy explain to me someday too just to see if I could keep a straight face. It's at said bachelor party where he meets Morgan and promptly mistakes her for a stripper. Morgan is a professional Vegas dancer (not that kind) and is looking for that role that will take her to the top. She has no time for a man that will brag to his friends about dating a dancer only to whine about it once the novelty wears off. She maybe the only person in Vegas more against marriage than Mike. Of course the more you are against something the quicker you find your way into it. I mentioned earlier that I was expecting a story that was more dark and twisty and characters that were perhaps a little hardened. Yeah...no, Mike and Morgan are one of the best married/I don't want to be married couples ever. I've read the "waking up in Vegas married" before but I loved the twists and feelings that Diane Alberts put on it. Mike and Morgan bickered like they had been married for years and I laughed out loud several times at their antics. Take Me is funny, yet sweet and the perfect ending to the Take A Chance Series.