Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Talk about two powerful and independent main characters. Chloe is a confident, independent woman and does not take her boss' attitude laying down. Bennett is a straight up bastard. And he's the special kind of bastard that shows itself when he cannot understand, let alone control, his feelings for his assistant. The chemistry between Chloe and Bennett was off the charts and I was kinda surprised it didn't burn my screen.The loved the witty banter between Chloe and Bennett. A book can totally win me over by dialogue alone and this book had it in spades. The inner thoughts of the characters were spot on as well. While I wouldn't call it an inner goddess (Hello 50 Shades!), Bennett's inner bastard thoughts were downright hilarious. It also helped you see that he wasn't as self-centered and arrogant as he came off to Chloe. I also loved that Chloe didn't seem to lose sight of her goals throughout the story. She had worries about how their "encounters" would affect her job and her relationships with Bennett's family who also happened to be bosses. And oh yeah, the sexy times they had EVERYWHERE!While I did love all the sexy times Bennett and Chloe had, I do think that there was a little too much. A lot of both characters inner thoughts and emotions were described during the sexy times and it was a little distracting. I had a little trouble too understanding how the absolute beat-you-to-death-hate they seemed to have for each other could turn to love so quickly, especially when Chloe wasn't privy to Bennett's inner thoughts like the reader was