Saint Kate of the Cupcake: The Dangers of Lust and Baking - L.C. Fenton Beside Your Heart is a story of first love and finding your way back (maybe). It's emotionally heart-wrenching and you find yourself crying for both characters. The book opens when the characters are older but instead of seeing their beginning in flashbacks, we begin with their beginning as well. It's the start of the School Year and Nicki is recovering from a car accident over the summer that took her sister's life and severely injured her and her mother. She's tired of the sad looks and the pity from everyone and wants remember her sister, not avoid everything about her like her mother and friends are doing. Enter Adam, a (temporarily) transplanted Brit who is kind, charming and just what Nicki needs. He makes her laugh and feel whole again. After a few bumps along the way Nicki and Adam fall in love even knowing their relationship may be over when he returns to England when the school year ends. Their relationship has it's great ups and devastating lows and crazy teenage mistakes yet they can't stay away from each other. I was emotionally invested in Nicki and Adam right from the start. I haven't read a New Adult Romance for awhile and I forgot how confusing and all-encompassing first love can be. I felt Nicki's pain and wondered if I would have been able to handle everything thrown at her as well she did when I was her age. Mary Whitney is a wonderfully elegant writer who pulls two very different people together and makes you root for their happily ever after. Nicki and Adam are relateable teenagers and their friends are a mix of characters and Adam's little sister Sylvia practically steals the show each time.The only part I was a little disappointed with was the ending. We don't really know what will happen to Nicki and Adam but Mary Whitney leaves us with hope though. In Beside Your Heart we see how Nicki and Adam begin, so maybe someday we can see them come full circle? Beside Your Heart is an ideal New Adult Romance for readers who enjoy reading about first love and emotional up and down that go along with it.